VirtuaPin Contller
VirtuaPin™ Digital Plunger Kit v3

The VirtuaPin Controller is a USB adapter that allows Do-It-Yourself Virtual Pinball enthusiasts to build their own virtual cabinet using real pinball controls by providing analog inputs for nudging and bumping. This kit includes everything needed to connect a pinball cabinet to a PC. (6’ USB Cable, Controller Board, Plunger, Sensor Tube, and Wiring)

USB Game Controller Device
No external drivers or programming needed. Automatically recognized by Windows and Linux systems. Two axis motion sensor provides real-time x and y coordinates (joystick X and Y) for realistic nudging. Automatically calibrates on each cold start! New version with improved performance and reliability. Real-Time Game Interaction

Digital Plunger Support
Digital Plunger with Analog Input on the joystick Z-Axis ESD Protected Enhanced Inputs & Outputs Supports 15 I/O connections (joystick buttons 1-15). All inputs de-bounced. Software Support Fully compatible with Visual Pinball, Future Pinball, PinballX, HyperPin, and more.

Software Beta Release

We are currently working on our new VirtuaPin Controller Software.

This software adds the ability to fine tune the performace of the controller to your specifiec cabiniet and personal preferances.

We are still optimizing the default settings and experiance. So your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.